Friday, November 30, 2012

We now know how to contact Amy in the Philippines! She would love a letter or a package any time!! There are several different ways to contact her.

First method:
2.  On the top right corner, click on Write a Missionary
3.  Click on Select a Mission
4.  Select Philippines Quezon City (NOT Quezon City North!  Note that the mail is free!!!)
5.  Click on Write a Letter
Just type your letter and they will send it free!!
Second method:
This address sends your letter or package to the mission home;  they will then get it to Amy.  Here it is:
Sister Amy Nichole Harston
Philippines Quezon City Mission
Aurora Blvd. cor. JP Rizal St
Project 4, Cubao
Quezon City 1109, Metro Manila, Philippines
Third method:
Church "Pouch" Service
The Church "Pouch" Service was established for letters going to and coming from missions that have experienced unreliable postal service.  It can by used by family and friends only to send letters to missionaries via the Salt Lake City "Pouch" address (see below).  "Pouch" letters should only consist of paper-like materials.  Color photos may be printed on the paper.  Here are the "Pouch" regulations":
-Single sheet letter on white paper (not lined), folded in thirds and taped only at the top.
-Do not enclose pictures, currency, cards, or stamps
-No envelopes
-Packages NOT allowed through "Pouch"
Here's the "Pouch" address:
Sister Amy Nichole Harston
Philippines Quezon City Mission
P.O. Box 30150
Salt Lake City, UT   84130-0150
Thank you everyone!!!

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