Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Amy's May 13th email home. For those of you who don't know, Missionaries from our church are allowed to call home twice a year: Mother's Day and Christmas. We got to talk to her on mother's day!!

Happy Mother's Day again!

Wow, it was sooo good to hear your voices. Most of you sound the same, but goodness gracious, Christina, you sound so mature now! I honestly had to think twice before I realized it wasn't Stephanie talking. :) Stop growing up! ;)

Mom, Jerry, Tyler, Jessica, Steph, Richie, Christina, Dad! All of you! Thank you for your continual love, prayers, and support. It was so good to hear each of your voices. Tyler, that was super fun chatting sa Tagalog!! Grabi, magaling talaga ka pa rin! You're still way better than me, but I'll get there. :) 

I am really loving the people here. They are so amazing. It's amazing how much love you can have for a complete stranger. When I ask for it, I can really feel the love of our Heavenly Father for each of His children. He wants them to return to Him and come unto His son, Jesus Christ. I love reading the scriptures and keeping a notebook by. This past week my companion has had a bit of a hard time with homesickness, wondering if a mission is really for her, and I was able to share and relate my personal study to her and to our lives. I think it really helped her. She seemed a lot happier after that. There are still times when she really questions it, but I think she is a little more decided now. It is amazing what the spirit can do. Sometimes we have no idea what to say or how to help, but when we put our trust in the Lord, we will always be told what we should say. That is true. It is definitely still a work in progress, but I want to be able to say that I am always worthy to have the spirit with me. In "The Fourth Missionary Talk," one of the quotes in there says something like, "One of the greatest battles you will ever face will be within the silent chambers of your heart. For that is where you choose between your will or God's will." It goes something like that. But it is so true! We just have to give up. We have to dedicate ourselves to Him, and not care about what we want. What does He want me to do? That's all that is important. Then I must do. It sounds so easy! But sometimes it is hard. But I am doing my best and will continue to put my trust in my Heavenly Father that He will strengthen me and fill my mouth with the words that I need to speak. 

Next week is transfer week, so I will email on Tuesday, again. Pday will be on Tuesday this time, and transfers are on Wednesday. We don't know who will be transferring or staying, but we think Sister Abonitalla will be transferring and Sister Codangos will stay and lead their area. I've now been in this area for three transfers, (every transfer is 6 weeks), so it's very likely that I will transfer, too with Sister Paloma staying to lead the area. But we don't know. We might both stay or she might transfer. We shall see. :)

I love you all so much!! Keep being amazing! This gospel is TRUE!!

Sister Harston

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