Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Amy's April 22nd email home!! Plus Pictures!

Hello again!
Mom, you asked if I could describe my living conditions. We live in an apartment a little out of the way of the major city, so it's not too noisy. I'll try to take a picture of it sometime. It's best to take pictures when there aren't any people around so we don't look like tourists, especially me as the American. We will try to find the best time to take them. :)  Our apartment is pretty big actually. The first floor is open, big enough for a couple of cars, but we use it wash our laundry. (Side note, we heard that we will be getting a laundry machine soon!! We're super excited! By the end of this year all the sister missionary apartments will have washing machines. We're so spoiled!!) We walk up some stairs to our front door, and walk into a big room. There we have our kitchen area, (counters, sink, refrigerator, and stove), our small table where we eat, and our beds off to the side. We have bunkbeds and all four of us sisters sleep there. We have our two separate study rooms upstairs, and an extra small room where we keep our clothes. There is a total of three usable bathrooms. We are truly spoiled. I now apply Off lotion every day and night, (mosquito lotion), because the mosquitoes really like me. I must have really sweet blood. :) We use electric fans at night, but often still wake up sweating. We are always sweating. It's above 100 degrees here now almost every day, but still beautiful! :)
You asked about exercise. I try to exercise at least 4 times a week. I would love to go jogging sometime, but our area isn't the best for it. The pollution here is thick, not the most ideal for jogging and breathing hard outside. But I often run up and down the stairs in the apartment, do jumping jacks, or jog in place. I use that exercise gadget that I bought before, too. Sometimes it's hard to motivate myself to exercise because it's so hot, but I am always grateful when I do.

I hope that answers your questions! :)

This week has been amazing. I don't have a whole lot of time this week to write, but I have to tell you missionary work is amazing!! I told you a little last week about our area. It's pretty big, and there haven't been that many investigators. Sister Paloma and I are basically starting over. We turned to our area book and found some former investigators. We decided to revisit some of them, and start opening our mouths to talk to as many people as the Lord put in our path. The thought of starting conversations with complete strangers has always been a struggle for me, especially in a language that I don't feel completely fluent in. But when you think about the real reason we're out here on our missions, and on this Earth, how can we not open our mouths? We have a message that will change people's lives, and it gives us purpose. We are literally Heavenly Father's children. We lived with Him before. He has a plan for us, and we have a purpose here on Earth. Jesus Christ is central to God's plan. He suffered and died for us to overcome physical and spiritual death. When we repent, we can become purified through Him. Our Heavenly Fatehr has given us a way to learn and grow, make choices, and establish families. Nothing in God's plan in temporary. We can be with our families forever, and we have a sure way to become firm and steadfast in this crazy world of shifting values. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the only way to true happiness, and the way to eternal life. Christ's church has been restored to the earth through another prophet, Joseph Smith. Through him, Christ established His church on the earth again. God restored His authority again to the earth, and we have it today! The fullness of the gospel has been restored! Doesn't that just make you excited?? The Book of Mormon is something we can physically hold in our hands and read and pray about it. It was translated by Joseph Smith, and it is evidence that this gospel is true! All we have to do is read it and pray about it, and we will know if it's true or not. Heavenly Father always answers our prayers. love this gospel! It's so simple!  

We have met several people this week that have been prepared by the Lord. It's obvious. Missionary work is so wonderful! I love talking to the people. Sure, there are those who have no interest, but we are planting seeds. I don't want to miss any opportunities to share it with others. It's definitely a learning process, but it's fun. We've had some really awkward conversations, and some really amazing ones. :) It's amazing though when you realize how much help you can receive when you put your trust in the Lord. He really is my strength. When we are prepared, we are truly given the words that we shall say. All we have to do is open our ears and mouth.

I love you all, and hope you have a fantastic week! I'll do the same!

Sister Harston 

1. Our district! Someone said something funny, so we're all laughing.
2. Most of the sister missionaries in our zone! Lots of sisters!
3. Me, and a couple of members in our ward at the church! (My companion was taking the picture. Don't worry, she didn't leave me!) :)


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