Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lots and Lots of Pictures!!!

Amy's Apartment!

One of the Upstairs Study rooms

An upstairs CR (comfort room, or bathroom)
Kabahay! (All the sisters that live in the same house)
I made pasta salad! It was yummy, and the sisters were excited to try it. :) 

Quezon City South district!

Dinner at the Ugay's!

Halo halo! Yum!

Most places aren't like this, but this is one area we go to in order to reach some squatters. You'll have to ask Tyler about them. I don't know if he had any in his mission, but it's hard to believe people live like like that.

This is the way up and down to the squatters from this side of the street. The ladder is fairly new. Before we had to jump and climb. It made things fun. :)

My companion, Sister Paloma is so cute and small! She's awesome. :)

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